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There was no another attempt delivery on next working day


Hi China Post,
The attempt delivery scheduled on next working day did not happen yet, after the first delivery not finished because the Addressee not available on November 13, 2021, 5:26 pm. The small package is still held at Delivery Depot/Delivery Office.
The small package is with tracking number CH146043274US / priority mail. The USPS claimed it to be delivered in 6-8 days. But it still not arrive after one month.

We appreciate very much you can provide a help. If you still cannot reach the addressee (cell phone: 15917706039) in your next attempt, please leave the package at their front door or leave a message note with contact instructions.

a customer named Tom

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Hi tom,

You need to let the receiver in China call the postman's phone number 18566537326 to ask for a redelivery.
Hi Daisy,
The receiver called the number for many times, but nobody answered the call. Is there another way to schedule a secondary attempt.
Hi tom,

Let the receiver call China Post service number 11185 to ask for a redelivery.
Hi Daisy,
Thanks for your reply.
The receiver actually called 11185 many times before suggested to call 18566537326. Is there another way to schedule the secondary attempt? for example, the postal office call the receiver (cell phone: 15917706039, Vicky), or email?

Thanks a lot,
Hi tom,

Sorry, except these two mumbers, there is no other ways.

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