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What post office is home depot?


Where are we able to pick up this package?
Package details:
Tracking # CH074580188US
Item held at delivery depot, 101318
Unsuccessful delivery, 101318,Addressee not available at time of delivery/Will attempt delivery on next working day
Item out for physical delivery, 101318
Item held at delivery depot, 101318

3 Answer(s)

The delivery was failed for two times. You'd better let the recipient in China call the postman's phone (18519282778) to let him deliver it again. BTW, the postman could only speak Chinese.
Can the package LH126024877US be picked up at the depot? Seems like my friend is getting the run around. He has called many times and the people he has spoken to said there is nothing they can do. It will be extremely bad karma if the package has been stolen. I hope it gets delivered to him or he is able to pick it up.
Hi Jlyons,

Let him call 11185 or 11183 to cehck where it is now. It should be still in China now.

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