Distance - Chuzhou to Suzhou

Asked by E. Young | 4/25/2016 5:51:46 AM

How far from Suzhou ?

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Diane 4/26/2016 8:35:32 PM

I'm not sure which Chuzhou do you mean?

滁州 in Anhui Province or 处州 in Lishui City of Zhejiang Province?

You want to go there from Suzhou (苏州or宿州?) in Jiangsu Province or the one in Anhui Province?

Eric Young 4/26/2016 9:11:48 PM

I hope to attend an event in Chuzhou, Anhui Province, then travel to Suzhou in Jiangsu Province. What is distance and is available transporation by bus or rail?

Diane 4/27/2016 12:22:52 AM

The distance fron Chuzhou to Suzhou is about 278.3 kilometers. The easiest way to there is by rail. The G trains takes about 1.5 hours and normal trains takes 3.5 hours.

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