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EMS inbound from Australia for Mei He Kou, in Changchun City for two days.


Number: Number: Number: EJ251206622AU
020-02-04 16:39, Changchun City, arriving at the Changchun City Mail Processing Center (via transfer)
The tracking information above has not been updated for two days, the distance to Mei He Kou is 163 kilometres, a short distance for an EMS package.
Would you be kind enough to advise me when it might be delivered and where the package is currently located.
I hoped it might be delivered today.
Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to your reply.

1 Answer(s)

Hi Cao Yaxin,

As few staff is available for China Post now, the delivery of the package may be delayed although it's of few distance to your place now. Please wait patiently.

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