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EV012101324CN is it possible to know the estimated delivery?


The status of the shipment is Beijing, Leave 【Beijing International Tianzhu Processing Center】,Next stop【Dongsanqi Sales Department】
How many stops are left to be in transit and be delivered to me? And is it possible to tell me the estimated delivery date? Will I be able to receive it this week?

Thank you.

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Hi Zad_moh,

EV012101324CN didn't pass the customs check and was returned back to the seller. The seller has got it on March 18. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution (refund you or send it again to you) as soon as possible.

Number: EV012101324CN
Package status: Alert
Country: China -> Saudi Arabia
2022-03-18 07:56 Beijing Municipality, Return to Due
2022-03-18 07:54 Beijing, [Dongsanqi Sales Department] arranged delivery, delivery: Liang Zhenyu, Tel: 19910791040, Investment Department Tel: 010-61724048
2022-03-18 07:00 Beijing, Arriving at Dongsanqi Sales Department
2022-03-18 04:24 Beijing, Leaving 【Beijing Changping District Government Street Center】, the next stop【Dongsanqi Sales Department】
2022-03-14 21:38 Beijing Municipality, import customs clearance
2022-03-14 21:35 Beijing Municipality, delivered to the Import Customs
2022-03-14 19:31 Beijing Municipality, [Beijing International Tianzhu Processing Center] Return, Remarks: Return
2022-03-03 13:47 Guangzhou City, Leave 【Guangzhou International Mail Exchange Station】,Next Stop【Guangzhou International Mail Processing Center】 (Transit)
2022-03-03 10:52 Guangzhou City, [Guangzhou International Mail Exchange Station] returned
2022-03-03 10:51 Guangzhou City, has been handed over to the carrier for transportation
2022-03-03 10:33 Airlines receive
2022-03-02 08:39 Guangzhou, Arrive at 【Guangzhou Aviation Center】 (transit)
2022-03-02 08:26 Guangzhou City, Flight Arrival
2022-03-02 06:42 Shanghai, Depart from Shanghai Goodman Processing Centre, next stop [Guangzhou Aviation Centre] (via transfer)
2022-03-02 06:06 Shanghai, flight departures
2022-03-02 05:39 Shanghai, Arrive at Goodman Shanghai (transit)
2022-03-02 04:55 Shanghai, flight arrival
2022-03-02 03:06 Beijing, flight departs
2022-03-02 03:01 Beijing, Leave [Beijing Terminal], Next Stop 【Shanghai Goodman Processing Centre】
2022-03-01 00:16 Beijing Municipality, [Beijing International Tianzhu Treatment Center] has been exported directly sealed
2022-02-28 21:45 Beijing, Arrived at Beijing International Tianzhu Treatment Center
2022-02-28 20:06 Beijing, Leave [Shangdi E-commerce Marketing Center], the next stop 【Beijing】
2022-02-28 15:44 Beijing, [Shangdi E-commerce Marketing Center] has been received and sent

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