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Guangzhou International Exchange Station


I have not had an update for 2 weeks since my package arrived at the exchange station.
Just wondering if the station was operating at normal capacity due to the virus?
Tracking LH717723165CN

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Hello my package has been stuck for an entire month and I was wondering where it is. Parcel no. Is WP21571009621
The last update I received on LV213895348CN was two weeks ago on 16.08.21: "[GuangdongSheng] Guangzhou, , Departed 【Guangzhou International mail processing center 】, Next stop 【Guangzhou International mail exchange 】( Transit )". Can you please give me an update on this as I'm very concerned that my son won't get his order. Thanks.
my shipment status has not changed in over 3 weeks. Would it be possible to look up my tracking # UU243171524CN and confirm it is in your system and what the status is
Thanking You In Advance
its now been 7 weeks with my parcel "Departure from Regional Sorting Center." what is going on with my shipment? please respond even if all your doing is looking into my shipment. any correspondence from anybody would be greatly appreciated


Hi why my parcel still on the station in guagzhou is second week I see the same notification I need my parcel to delivery most fast possible this week is very bad LV315753138CN
Hello I haven’t seen any update with my package in over a week know it’s very important to me that I get this package soon in like the next week or two any update on when I will receive it all I really would like to know is an update tracking number is: LY927754830CN
Thanks again as soon as I can get it the better
I have not had an update on my package LY938177086CN since Dec 01 is something wrong.
hey my package has been stuck in the transit station for an while my tracking number is LZ952360573CN , LY982126999CN what’s the hold up if i may ask im new to this !

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