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Help with orders from ALiExpress that are stuck in transit since May!!!


Hello, I have three orders from ALiExpress that are stuck in transit since May. The expected delivery date is long overdue. The tracking numbers are EV925616566CN, EA522744429CN, and EA209982346CN. I understand that there are delays with the current situation happening but the courier doesn't provide further tracking updates. The final destination is to Mongolia. Can you please help me trace with further tracking updates and how it will be reached to the final destination. And if for any reason it is lost or stuck what should I do to further the process? Many thanks.

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Hi Jordan B,

What's the courier for 0B0539278000D0311086C? I don't get any tracking information for it.
I need help with LZ759335096CN. It was suppose to get here last week but tracking hasn’t updated since 28th of March saying it was getting ready for departure
Can you please give any information what’s going on with my package,it’s not moving and seller is saying “stricter custom” but it wasn’t even picked up?

Hi Forest,

There is only 'Shipment information received' shown in tracking information for it because the seller just created the order but hasn't shipped it. You need to push the seller to ship the package immediately.

Number: LP00441637287424
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Canada
2021-04-14 09:22 Shipment information received
Hi there,

Can someone help with this tracking number: LP00438556854908

I have been waiting well over a month now and nothing has changed. Its been in transit for a month and the seller keeps refusing to do anything. I paid for premium aliexpress shipping

Hey there - curious if anyone can help with my package stuck at "Flight Arrival" for 23 days - I'm concerned that it's been in a destination status but hasn't had any update in over 3 weeks.
Aliexpress orders still in transit
Destination country: Germany
Could you please help with these 3 orders:
hello sir..
my parcel LP00453583843815 was stuck at pakistan, arrived at faculty since a month ...and can't update the tracking status. is my parcel is lost??
My package has shown that it is sitting "waiting for Customs clearance" for 1 month now. I spoke with Customs at that location it claims to be at. They have no record of receiving at package with tracking #LW006953835CN
I need help!!!!!
Hi I have this item is several days over the due date. Can you help please?

Using aliexpress shipping method QP742739587GB
Hello Daisy,

I have a package that has been stuck in Hong Kong, Sar since the 24th of November, with no movement or updates. I read somewhere that the air parcels service has been suspended to Canada, but I can’t find any updates regarding this. Can you confirm that the restrictions have been lifted or still active? I paid $129US for express shipping with DHL and Would like to know when this package will arrive. Tracking number 2484622921

Please help! Thank you.
Hello there!
Looks like the tracking info for my package (RE239469965CN) hasn't been updated in almost 47 days, seems like it's stuck in Shanghai International Mail Processing Center. Can you help me with more info on why this is happening?
Thank you in advance!
Can you Help?
My parcel has been stuck in transit
Havent had any updated information in over a month. Any way to contact the processing center to see if package has been lost or something? I received many packages after this order but this the only one that has got stucked and havent moved.
Please help me with the package I have been waiting over a month and there is no answer LB300294943SG
Please help me with the package I have been waiting over a month and there is no answer LB300294943SG
RB217403049SG my order number
Why my order is stuck in transit
My tracking number RB217400881SG Your package has been stuck for more than 14 days. Please tap below for help. Just like to find out if it is still on track because it say its stuck on the other hand in global traking it says it is on the route
Is oky i see it is on its way thanks alot
My aliexpress packages are stuck in customs for more than 14 days
Tracking Numbers:

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