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I need a shipping label


Is it possible to create a return shipping label from USA to CHINA ??

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Hi Jonywaldman,

If you want to return the package back, you need to contact the sender in China to ask for their address. Then, use USPS to ship it back.

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Is it possible to create a return shipping label from USA to CHINA ??

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I only received part of my order and the seller is asking I show them a picture of the shipping label with tracking number and weight of package. However, I have trashed the packaging. Is there a way that you guys can send me a copy? My order tracking # is UR221775585CN

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I have been receiving SpeedPak aka Orange Connex and Yanwen packages with EU post label.
Original label is covered with label telling sender is from: Germany, Belgium, Lithuania.
And that label is real, someone imported it to one, then reshipped to another EU country.
I wonder how that works? The parcel from China basically becomes a parcel from within EU.
Parcels within EU are in customs union, thus final recepient is no longer importer to EU.

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