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Know my order state and what does it mean?

Asked by Amal Gh | 3/23/2021 10:33:27 AM

Hello, i want to know the state of my order and if it pass the security check or no? EV963056399CN

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1 Answer(s)

Daisy 3/23/2021 11:43:57 PM

Hi Amal Gh,

It didn't pass the check and was returned back to the seller. The seller has got it today. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution (refund you or send it again to you) as soon as possible.

Number: EV963056399CN
Package status: Alert
Country: China -> Lebanon
2021-03-24 08:40 Beijing, return to the proper cast
2021-03-24 08:36 Beijing, "Xingzheng Business Department" arrangement delivery, delivery: Wu Jianbo, tel: 18519361359, the Ministry of Investment Tel: 010-60259552
2021-03-24 07:00 Beijing, arrive at the "Xingzheng Business Department"
2021-03-24 04:41 Beijing, leave the Beijing Xinshun Processing Center, the next stop of the Xingzheng Business Department
2021-03-23 20:55 Beijing, import customs release
2021-03-23 19:26 Beijing, Beijing International Tianyu Processing Center return, Note: Security return
2021-03-22 18:50 Beijing, Beijing International Mail Exchange Station returned
2021-03-22 04:04 Beijing, has been transported by carriers
2021-03-22 01:44 Beijing, Beijing International Tianyu Processing Center has been exported directly
2021-03-21 19:47 Beijing, leave the Xingzheng Business Department, the next stop (Beijing Terminal)
2021-03-20 23:11 Beijing, arrive at the Beijing International Tianyu Processing Center
2021-03-20 19:27 Beijing, Leave the Ministry of Political Affairs, next stop (Beijing)
2021-03-20 18:58 Beijing, "Xingzheng Business Department" has been received and sent

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