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letter followed stuck


Hi !
Why Letter Followed left France on December 19, 2022 arrived in its country of destination since December 26, 2022 and has been stuck for 8 days in LANGLEY HWDC, United Kingdom?

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I sent a letter to Qui Minnan at the following address: Ren Yu Lan, 491 South Chang'an Road, Xi'an 710061,China but my letter was returned to me with the message that my letter could not be delivered, why is that and should I try again?

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Would you please show me the correct way to Address a letter to the UK. a visual example would be excellent. The reason i ask this question, i recently posted a letter to the UK. from Hengyang City and the letter came back to me, i was forced to pay postage again which i think is utterly unfair and i want to make sure this does not happen again.
Please this is urgent.
Thank you.

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