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Lost parcel


Hello, I am waiting for a parcel from China more than two weeks already and in the system it shows that it wasn't send to Canada yet. The tracking number is CP336336115CN
Please let me know why it is still in China and when is it going to be shipped to Canada.
Thank you

3 Answer(s)

It seems the parcel didn't pass the customs check. You'd better contact the sender in China and let him call 11185 to ask where it is now. I think it will be returned to the sender. You couldn't get it.
Hello, I contacted the sender, but his out of country (China)
Please let me know what should I do now?
Thank you
If he is out of the country, he should let his friends in China to help deal with it. That's the responsibility of the sender. You should ask him to check it for you.

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