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Missing box to America CP353988567CN


Please help me find the box. I really want it's contents. They are the left over items from our move from China back to the US. They are sentimental items. Please help me get them back.
If the box can not be found, please put me in contact with someone who can issue a refund for the mailing price time three as stated by the salesman at the Zhangjiang Post office.
The box is mine. I did not buy things. I sent my own things home. Please help.
请帮我找到盒子。 我真的很想要它的内容。 它们是我们从中国迁回美国后遗留下来的物品。 他们是感性的物品。 请帮助我让他们回来。如果找不到该盒子,请让我与可以按张江邮局售货员所说的三价邮寄价格退款的人联系。这个盒子是我的。 我没有买东西。 我把自己的东西寄回家了。 请帮忙。

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It left China on July 2 and is till in transit to your country now. You'd better wait for more days to see if you could receive it. Some of the packages may take a very long time to be delivered.

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