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missing invoice

Asked by breadahn | 1/4/2021 12:01:59 AM

it shown "missing invoice"

what should i do???
i'm in israel, how to send invoice to your custom? no information is there. i need a help in detail.

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Daisy 1/4/2021 1:37:23 AM

Hi breadahn,

You couldn't send invoice to the custom. You need to provide it to the receipient and let the receipient to submit to the customs.

breadahn 1/4/2021 2:56:27 AM

Thank you for answer. However, it is difficult for the recipient to contact the post office. A Chinese friend who had to get the goods tried several times but failed. The goods remain intact for two months without returning or shipping. The post office does not answer phone calls. When connected only once, they say there is no record. What should I do? What can I or the recipient do? Help. Please.

Daisy 1/4/2021 6:39:29 AM

Hi breadahn,

There is no need to contact the post office. It's stuck at the customs. The receiver need to contact the customs service number 12360 to check.

breadahn 1/4/2021 10:31:50 AM

Yes, Daisy. you're right, I mean that number. Already he tried.
But he told me he can't. Custom told him there is no record.
What can we do? Please help me.

Daisy 1/5/2021 3:35:50 AM

Hi breadahn,

You'd better let the receiver check his message around October 25 from smartphone to check if there is any notice from the customs about how to sumbit it.

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