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my package stuck in regional sorting centre


hi, my tracking number is: LH196798202US. last update was 5th May, 'departure from Regional Sorting Centre, Shanghai City, China'. It is now 18th May and there is no update. The destination is Singapore, the address is correct and it includes the word 'Singapore' with a Singapore postal code. But the seller wrongly indicates 'China' as destination country somewhere in the package. Please if you could tell me what's happening to my package and what can I do to move it. Thank you.

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Hi eddie,

It will be transited to Singapore later.
Dear Daisy, thank you for replying! Do you have an estimation how long more it will be stuck in China>
Hi my tracking is LH196798202US. since 21st May, my package is 'with carrier'. It is 30th May now and no update. Can I know what is happening to my package? thank you.

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