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My returning parcel is being held at customs and seller is not helpful


Hi there, I hope someone could help me to check this. I returned a bag to a seller to China and it’s being held at Fuzhou customs from November 22nd. The seller has no experience in dealing with returning parcel and I couldn’t get in contact with the customs. Any chance someone can assist to follow up to see what’s happening. Tracking number is EJ299958820AU

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Hi please can you help. I’m returning a parcel to China and my parcel is being held at customs because taxes and duties need to be paid. I have offered to pay the taxes and duties to get the parcel to them but don’t know how I can contact and pay online. The recipient isn’t being very helpful. The parcel number is EC111706300BE. Is there a way I can pay the fees online? Thanks

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I am from Malaysia and i am sending a return parcel to a Tabao Seller in Yi Xing.
The return parcel is declared as returning goods due to defect. However in transit it appears the parcel is being held up twice by the custom and it was last held at CNSZHA since 29/06. Is there anything can be done to know what is causing the clearance delay or get the parcel moving ? I have asked seller about it and they said they received no update on this. CP317027575MY

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I want to know the reason waiting on a refund of goods purchased and returning to supplier
What's the problem
Tracking no: EJ305510508AU

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