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Need to correct ZIPCODE on 8 packages:


WRONG = 38341, correct 70443 - USA

stated "arrived 23 nov 2019: it has not arrived/still missing:

Tracking #: LN681249335CN due to arrive 29 Nov:
8hk3206 Store
Tracking #: LN680997990CN due to arrive 30 Nov:
Youdao Store
Tracking #: UQ271628806CN due to arrive 30 Nov:
Sarla Store
Tracking #: UQ258926819CN due to arrive 2 Dec:
Home Sweety
Tracking #: UH246755771CN due to arrive 3 Dec:
Crafts Flagship
Tracking #: UH247249255CN due to arrive 3 Dec:
Walk through Clouds
Tracking #: UT264458063TH due to arrive 6 Dec:

thank you

1 Answer(s)

Hi Cait D,

You need to contact USPS to correct the zip code for these packages.

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