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No update on tracking, package lost?


Hi, tracking number for my order is RV942915052CN
Now, since 24.6 there is no update on tracking, it's stuck on:
''Leave the International Mail Transfer Department, the next stop , Beijing Post International (via transfer)''
Is it lost or something? Usually it arrives at Beijing Post in a day or two, at least that was the case for all my orders until now.. It's been 10 days and still no update.

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I want to find out about my packages that gets lost in transit. No update of their situation.
Where they are at the moment and why there is no update on tracking.
I hope an answer from you


are they lost? who should pay me back my money ?

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"Nanning City, airline departure" (2020-04-16) Is the last time I got an update from my package: RV356900799CN
It has been almost 3 months since I last received an update on my package from China and I still have not received my package.
I assume it is lost. So is there a way to contact you guys to compensate the lost good or could you please give me an update as to the whereabouts of my missing package: RV356900799CN

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Hi, can you help me find my package with tracking number LY037889338CN . It has not updated since April and I’m afraid it might be lost in transit. Is there any other way to locate it? Even if it is not lost and shipping is slow due to COVID-19, this amount of time is not normal for a package to be in transit.

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