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Package stuck at honkong for more than 10 days on the way to India from china


Hey . I am a medical student in china , liaoning province . Due to COVID-19 I couldn’t go back to my university after DECEMBER 2019. As a result i asked my friend in china to couriering my belongings to me in INDIA . My two packages have been couriered to me on June 9,2021. One of my parcel returned to my friend After reaching Guangzhou and the reason is unknown. The other parcel is stuck in HONKONG since june 23,2021 and the reason is still unknown. Kindly help me because i am a student and i need my stuff as there are important certificates in that too. Please help.
Tracking order id-CP421118006CN , CP421117986CN

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Hi Anannya thakur,

You need to let your friend go to the post office where he sent the packages to check them for you. We could also only find it's stuck in Hong Kong now.

Yes . I did. My friend went to ask them the reason of the return of one package and they said it must be sone silly mistake as they themselves don’t know the reason while laughing. How can you make such a big mistake ? What are you getting paid for ? When you can not do your one job properly? My package came all the way back from Guangzhou due to which my other package is waiting in hongkong since 23 rd june because they are supposed to send both the parcels together to same destination. My package has been sent again and I don’t if this time it’s gonna reach the other package in honkong or not. I hope it does . Please make sure both the packages reaches me safely . Kindly look into the matter.
Tracking id - CP399407100CN , CP421118006CN

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