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Package stuck in customs: CH104620461US


Sent item for repair, seems to be stuck in customs in Guangzhou City for almost a month. When will it be delivered? My tracking is: CH104620461US

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Hi JC,

You need to contact the recipient in China to ask if he has received any notice about how to get it. The customs may waiting the recipient to delare.
Hello thank you for your response. I have informed the recipient of the matter. Is there any further update or follow-up you can provide me? Thank you.
Hi Mr JC,

It's still stuck at the customs now.
Thank you Daisy,
If the recipient does not have a slip to pick up, will there be other attempts to pick up or release to recipient, or will it be returned to me?
Hi Mr.JC,

If the seller doesn't do anything, it should be returned back to you later.
Could you please confirm if my package is on its way to being returned to me or if it's still in the process? I don't see tracking moving on the USPS website. Thank you for your help.
Hi Mr.JC,

It's on the way back to you now.
Can I please get a status update? Not seeing any progress on the USPS tracking site for over a month now.
Is my package lost?
Is my package lost?
Hi Mr.JC,

Packages returned back usually takes a long time to be delivered. You need to wait for more days to get it. It's still in transit now.
Thank you Daisy. I'll wait for 30 more days. Hopefully it comes soon!

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