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Parcel from Canada to Tianjin - Canada Post Tracking #: EE178587391CA


My Canada Post tracking indicates that the parcel has arrived in 300409, China, but it has been stuck there for a couple days and keeps indicating that it is "verifying recipient's address". The issue is, that the mailing address for parcel is 300402, so why is it at 300409?

Also, today there were 2 updates.

2016/09/07 08:36 300409,China Verifying recipient's address; Possible delay

08:35 300409,China Recipient not located at address provided. Item being returned to sender.

What is going on? is it being returned to sender or are they still trying to send it to me?

I hope someone can clarify this for me!


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Hi Vicky,

China Post has tried to deliver the package to the recipient for three times on September 3, September 4 and Sep 7 but all failed. The reason they said is they couldn't find the recipient from the mailing address of the parcel. The carrier's contact number is 18222849085. You'd better let the recipient contact him to ask the reason as soon as possible. Or it may be returned back to you soon. If you want redelivery, you should let the recipient contact 11185.
Hi James,

Thank you for your help! I'm actually the recipient. I asked a Chinese coworker to contact the carrier. We found out that the waybill apparently got ripped off of the parcel so the carrier didn't have my phone number to reach me when he couldn't find me! My coworker clarified the address and I just received my parcel!

I appreciate the help this website provides for people unfamiliar with how the Chinese postal service works!

It means a lot especially when you are desperately waiting for a care package from a loved one back at home and you are overseas in a foreign country by yourself!


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