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Parcel lost in delivery land


Can the postoffice of china pls contact with me in english
My parcel is lost because of the dutch post office
Plz contact with me

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Hi Waqar,

The post office couldn't contact you with English. If you couldn't get it, you need to let a Chinese friend help you call China Post to check.
The delivery post office worker lost my parcel frm ali express in netherland, the netherland post office sad to me that the china post office has to claim to the dutch postoffice about the loss of my parcel
Hi Waqar,

I suggest you open a dispute from ali express to get refund in time.
I did on time a refund frm ali express but the seller say to me u got the parcel i sad to them i didnt got the parcel because the dutch delivery post men lost my parcel.Pls read my question very good and the post office of china has to make contact to the dutch postoffice then i will be helped
Hi Waqar,

We are only a tracking platform and couldn't contact to the dutch postoffice for you. You need to let the seller help you contact China Post directly to do that for you.

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