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Personal Luggage 79 x 56 x 31cm via SAL acceptable?


Do I have to purchase standard packing box from the post office? Or it's acceptable to use my own; Polycarbonate Hard case Luggage 79 x 56 x 31cm; via SAL from China Chongqing to Singapore. Content: D-I-Y drone parts & accessories, one Drone Radio remote controller, Empty soft case for drone H480 and my belongings and attires. No illegal or prohibit items. Total weight 33kg. What is the cost and time frame?

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Hi Chan kok san,

In most cases, China Post will let you purchase standard packing box although you think yours is hard enough. They want you use theirs to avoid being returned back by customs check.

The cost is about 450RMB for 33kg luggage via SAL.
Thank you for the reply but I am confuse regarding the statement "returned back for custom check again?" Also my hard luggage material compare to heavy set paper box is much more stronger - Am I wrong? In the event of damaged on the luggage outer shell - it's acceptable for me. Mu question is -- It's a requirement from the Customs or the Postal Service that I must use the box to put the luggage with the contents into it? The luggage is secured as it use the number combination system (key) to unlock/lock. The number (key) will be indicated on the form which is accessible by authorized personal; Customs. Please advise.
I'm not sure, better take it to the post office and let them see if it's Ok.

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