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Package detained at Customs in Xiamen.


I returned a drysuit to the seller via Canada Post Dec 10/19. It cleared customs in Shanghai, but has apparently been detained at Customs in Xiamen. How can I get this delivered to the seller?
Canada Post Service Ticket#: 135719659
Item#: CC205212943CA Contents: SPORT & RECREATIONAL GOODS,
Date mailed: 2019/12/10 Customer no.: 18555957
Service Used: USA/INTL - Surface Parcel Letter: L13
Bing Zhen
+86-17359878339 4 lou 172 hao tianfeng l
361021 Qiao ying jie dao,ji mei qu,xia men shi,

Received by Canada Post
Dec. 10, 2019

Delivery estimates
Delivery progress

Information updated: May 11

Date Time Progress
Feb. 10 11:56 am
Item has been sent to customs in the destination country
Cnxmna, China
8:06 am
Item presented to customs
Cnxmna, China
8:05 am
Item processed
36102199, China

8 Answer(s)

Hi Alan Campbell,

You need to contact the seller to contact Xiamen customs to check it.
I have contacted the seller, Gavin at Pro-Waterproof Factory Store, and asked him to contact Xiamen Customs. He said he doesn't know how to do that and asked if I had a phone number for them. Can you provide me with their phone number so I can pass it along to him?
Alan Campbell
Xiamen Customs
Government office
Xiamen, Fujian, China
+86 592 689 3796
Thank you!
I have passed the Xiamen Customs phone # along to Gavin at Pro-Waterproof Factory Store so he can contact them directly as you suggested.
Thanks again,
Alan Campbell
I just received this message via Ali Express from Pro-Waterproof Factory Store:
"I called phone number according to you provided, and remind me that the phone is not available".
What do you suggest can be done to get this parcel released to the seller?
Alan Campbell
Is there anything more that can be done to get this parcel released to the seller? As I mentioned in my last message, the seller was unable to contact China Customs in Xiamen using the phone # provided. Should he just keep trying that?
Hi Alan Campbell,

0592-6893796 is the number for Xiamen customs. You'd better let the seller to call again.
I have contacted the seller again and he is adamant that he can't reach Xiamen Customs since the phone number you provided is unavailable. In another week my parcel will have been stuck at Xiamen Customs for 4 months!
What more can be done to get this released/delivered?

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