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Please send it back to Shenzhen


Good morning,
Please send my document back to Shenzhen. I am here waiting for it. Just give me an address where I can pick it up. My ref is
RF123147925ES and my phone number: 18676485490.

Thank you,

Anabel Ortiz.

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Hi Anabel Ortiz,

This is a document sent from Spain to China? Why do you say you want it back to Shenzhen? It's not in China now.
It was sent from Spain to Shenzhen! I need it here in Shenzhen. Why was it sent back? Why didnt it reach my house? All my deliveries from Taobao come No problem and this...a very important document, by the way, never reached!!

Anabel Ortiz.
Where do you know it was sent back to Spain? It's not arrived in Shenzhen now and is on the way to China at present.
OMG! I can't believe you don't even know! Just type in my REF number and you will see that it went to Shenzhen and then for some unknown reason, was sent back to Spain via Shanghai.

Unbelievable! And I have to tell you this? It should be you who should have this information.
It was sent back because the address is not correct. According to the tracking information, it has left China on Nov. 9 and on the way to Spain now.

This is not the right place to require your document back to Shenzhen. You need to call China Post service number 11183 to reflect your problem. But I'm afraid it's too late now.

Thank you for your quick response. It is the same address that Taobao has and my packages always make their way to my house, no problem! strange...

Thank you for the phone number, but yes, too late now...



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