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returning a package- stuck in customs


Returning a package. It is stuck in customs in HEFEI A, China. Mailed it on Dec, 28,2022, Has been at HEFEI A, China since Jan 20,2023, Sending a coat back. Package weighs 1.9 lbs. Was wanting to get my refund back Tracking number LH188627237US

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Hi Marna Strzelczyk,

It's waiting for the receiver in China to pay the tax to the customs. You'd better contact the receiver in China to ask if he has received the notice from the customs. If no, let him check through authorized tax collection system ( to check and pay.

Number: LH188627237US
Package status: Expired
Country: United States -> China
2023-01-20 11:35 Hefei City, waiting for users to pay taxes
2023-01-20 11:05 Hefei City, leave [Hefei International Exchange Bureau], next stop【Hefei International Customs Broker】 (via transfer)
2023-01-19 13:31 Hefei City, Customs Clearance, Hefei City, Customs Clearance Processing
2023-01-18 16:18 Hefei City, sent to import customs
2023-01-18 05:33 Hefei City, Arrive at [Hefei Shushan Mail Processing Center] (via transfer)
2023-01-17 14:02 Beijing, Leave [Beijing Comprehensive Mail Processing Center Package Workshop], next stop【Hefei Shushan Mail Processing Center】 (via transfer)
2023-01-07 17:15 Beijing, Arrive at Beijing Wangjing International Exchange Bureau (via transfer)
2023-01-07 15:31 Beijing Municipality, import customs clearance
2023-01-07 13:55 In Beijing, mail disinfection and standing are over
2023-01-07 09:39 In Beijing, in response to local epidemic prevention requirements, mail is disinfected and static
2023-01-02 12:49 Los Angeles, [Los Angeles] has been delivered to the carrier
2022-12-30 12:55 Los Angeles, Leaving the Overseas Export Exchange Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2022-12-30 11:07 Los Angeles, Arrive at the Foreign Export Interchange Bureau
2022-12-28 11:11 United States, [United States] received
2023-01-20 10:41 CHINA, HEFEI A, Held in Customs -> Your item is being held in Customs at 10:41 am on January 20, 2023 in HEFEI A, CHINA.
2023-01-19 13:31 CHINA, HEFEI A, Held in Customs
2023-01-18 16:18 CHINA, Customs Clearance
2023-01-18 16:10 CHINA, Customs Clearance
2023-01-18 11:11 CHINA, Arrived at Facility
2023-01-07 15:36 CHINA, BEIJING, Processed through Facility
2023-01-07 15:31 CHINA, Customs Clearance Processing Complete
2023-01-07 09:39 CHINA, BEIJING, Held in Customs
2023-01-07 09:37 CHINA, Customs Clearance
2023-01-07 09:36 CHINA, Processed Through Facility
2023-01-06 11:47 CHINA, BEIJING, Departed
2023-01-06 08:09 JAPAN, TOKYO, Departed
2023-01-05 22:00 JAPAN, TOKYO, Departed
2022-12-31 12:11 UNITED STATES, LOS ANGELES, Departed
2022-12-31 07:26 UNITED STATES, LOS ANGELES, Arrived
2022-12-30 12:55 LOS ANGELES CA INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Processed Through USPS Regional Facility
2022-12-30 11:07 CARSON, CA 90747, Departed USPS Facility
2022-12-30 11:07 CARSON, CA 90747, Arrived at USPS Facility
2022-12-30 01:32 LOS ANGELES CA DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Departed USPS Regional Facility
2022-12-30 01:31 LOS ANGELES CA DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Arrived at USPS Regional Facility
2022-12-29 00:15 GREAT FALLS MT DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Arrived at USPS Regional Facility
2022-12-28 11:11 HARLEM, MT 59526, USPS in possession of item

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