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Shipping Box of mix items


10 kg box of mix items from Chengdu, China to Karachi Pakidtan

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Hi Sharjeel,

You can take them to your nearest post office and ship.

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Hello, the wish website says that my items have been delivered, but I still have not received them. The website doesn't show an U.S.P.S. tracking number, nor does it state which shipping company was used, so I'm not able to track them, or contact the shipping company to find out where my items are. I went to my U.S.P.S. office to see if my items were there, but they said they have not received any other packages for me recently. If you could please find out which shipping company was used, & the tracking numbers for these items, I'd appreciate it. The wish tracking numbers for my items are; WI000849382275FPL, WI000848560805FPL, WI000846496605FPL, WI000845584391FPL, WI000845474728FPL, WI000845283635FPL, WI000850740559FPL. Thank you for your time.

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I ordered these items a long time ago, and while I am used to slow shipping from China and I know there are mailing delays, I am growing concerned that my items won't reach me at all. Are they lost? Are they just not going to be shipping them over to the U.S? The order status has been dispatch from sorting center tor weeks now and I don't know whether to file a claim or not. Please help me out, I'd really appreciate it!

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Osceola Bembry 8/21/2020 11:51:15 PM

Hello, I have a bunch of items from my order that way they departed from customs of destination country on 08/14/2020, but I haven't seen any updates since. One of the items sent, which I have received, I had to pick up from the post office because the shipper didn't put my apartment number in the address, even though I included it in the shipping address. If I hadn't gone to the post office to check on it when tracking said my package got sent back to the post office for address verification, it would have been sent back to the shipper. Is there any way you can tell me what is going on with my items, I'd greatly appreciate it. The item tracking numbers are, WI000849382275FPL, WI000848560805FPL, WI000846496605FPL, AS471217219CN, WI000845584391FPL, WI000845474728FPL, WI000845283635FPL, WI000850740559FPL,

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