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Where are my parcels?


Hello. I have 3 parcels to receive. All are written delivered since August 14 but no one came to deliver. Where are my packages?
Name: Nousayhah Amdanee
Address: 140, Hanzhong Road, Nanjing Medical University, Gulou, Nanjing, Jiangsu

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Hi Nousayhah,

What are the tracking numbers of these three parcels?
Hello Daisy,

tracking number RX111732928DE, RE523545150SE and RX111600105DE. Thank you
RX111732928DE is still in transit in China and not arrive now.

RE523545150SE and RX111600105DE are both delivered on August 14 by China Post. The postman may put your package at your nearest express collection point and sent you a short message to get it with a code. You'd better check your phone short message. If there is no message, call China Post service number 11183 (then 8 for English service) to ask where it is now.

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