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Where is my order


Where is my order, according to the following tracking information it is in Lakewood, WA. When will I receive it.
Tracking No: AT115988345CN
Package Status: In Transit
Destination: United States
Origin: China
2023-12-11 19:33:00 Lakewood, 目的地转运【Lakewood】
2023-12-09 18:32:00 Lakewood, 快件到达处理中心【US WA Lakewood】
2023-12-07 14:23:00 WA, 快件离开处理中心【US WA WA】
2023-12-05 12:00:00 WA, 目的地转运【WA】
2023-12-03 15:28:00 WA, 快件到达处理中心【US WA WA】
2023-12-01 17:19:00 LA DISTRIBUTION CENTER, 快件离开处理中心【US WA 】
2023-11-29 15:17:00 LA DISTRIBUTION CENTER, 快件到达处理中心【US WA 】
2023-11-27 16:17:00 US, 目的国清关完成【US】
2023-11-25 16:39:00 LAX International Airport, 抵达【LAX International Airport】
2023-11-23 12:23:00 HK International Airport, 启运【HK International Airport】
2023-11-21 20:17:00 HK International Airport, 承运商接收
2023-11-19 22:18:00 Hong Kong, 出口清关完成【Hong Kong】
2023-11-17 16:17:00 Hong Kong, 快件离开处理中心【Hong Kong】
2023-11-15 09:27:00 Hong Kong, 快件到达处理中心【Hong Kong】
2023-11-13 19:42:00 东莞市, 快件离开处理中心【东莞市】
2023-11-13 19:03:00 东莞市, 邮件离开【东莞市国际公司直属国际营业部】,正在发往【广商中心】
2023-11-13 18:50:00 东莞市, 邮件已在【东莞市国际公司直属国际营业部】完成分拣,准备发出
2023-11-13 18:16:00 东莞市, 快件到达处理中心【东莞市】
2023-11-13 17:24:00 东莞市, 中国邮政 已收取邮件

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Please could you tell me where my order is. I ordered from Carls Cripps on 28th September, thankyou.
We have finished processing your order.

Your order was shipped via Shenzhen Huanmao Warehouse & Distribution Service Co., Ltd.
Tracking number is UU246741865CN
[Order #H82L30D1054] (August 28, 2021)

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Hi my order says delivered but I didn't not receive anything and no one give me a call when I left a massage on my door with my number to call me when my order is here.
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