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Where is my Parcel -USPS Custom Declaration-CN 22 ,Tracking No. LC71954891US


Claire at claims you will not deliver this parcel because there is no tracking no.
If this is not deliverable to Li jin er 4th Floor , No.72 Xinzhuangsiyanjing Street,Shijing Baiyun District
Guangzhou Guangdong Province China , then Please Return the Parcel to me. Thank You

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Hi Vincent J Wood,

There must be something wrong with your tracking number. It should contains 9 numbers instead of 8. I think you miss one number. I couldn't find any tracking information for the package with this number.
The tracking number is lC719548915US . Hope this helps to locate the Parcel.
The correct tracking no. is LC729548915US Try this to locate the Parcel sent to li jin er. THANK YOU.
Hi Vincent,

These two numbers also return no tracking information in the tracking system. Please check the number again and send me the right one.
Correct tracking no. LC719548915US
Hi Vincent,

No result for LC719548915US as well. USPS official websit also says 'USPS Tracking® is unavailable for this product for CHINA.'

Tracking number staring with L and ending with US belongs to USPS first class mail. It couldn't be tracked in China.

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