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Where is my pocket? the post office ask me to contact you.


Hi, I contact portuguese postal company to ask for the pocket location, and they guarantee that it never arrived to Portugal. It´s in international transit yet, for 27 days? That´s impossible. The jacket left China on the 2nd of this month. They asked me to contact you. I appreciate if you see where the coat is, because i think something happened.

Best regards.

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Hi Alexandre Ribeiro,

What's the tracking number?
Hi, Daisy, thanks for the answer.
The tracking number is: RE011737131CN.
is it possible to tell me exactly where the package is at this moment? In the tracking of the package there is no indication of where it is at this moment, it only says it left China weeks ago. Thanks in advance. Beste Regards
Hi Alexandre Ribeiro,

It left China on March 2 and is in transit to Portugal now. You can not know the exact situation when it's in the middle locations. It usually takes about 20-40 days (after it left China) to reach and there will be further update when it arrives.
Hi Daisy

I have the information by tracking that the package was shipped again on the 22nd of this month. Now how long will it take, did you see that it is a purchase made on January 18th? Hadn't I said that I would already be in international transit? What happened to the package in order to have it shipped again?
Hi Alexandre Ribeiro,

The seller sent it on Feb. 23 due to the Chinese Spring Festival Holiday and Coronavirus. It didn't left on March 2 but stuck there may due to air traffic control. It's planned to be left on March 21 but didn't pass the security check. Now, it's stuck at Beijing International Mail Processing Center now. You'd better contact the seller to give you a solution or open a dispute on AliExpres to get refund.
Hi again, and thanks for the answer.

Why the package is stuck and did not pass the check security, can you tell me?
It is just clothes. I already contact the seller. What he can do for the package arrive to my adress?
Hi Alexandre Ribeiro,

You'd better contact the seller to contact China Post directly to further check it for you. We could only get information that it didn't pass the check.
Hi Daisy
I´ve already contact the seller, told him do contact China Post directley e he said that "The package information they found was the same as what we saw. Now due to the spread of the virus in the international world, the number of international flights has decreased, so we can only pay more time to wait."
I appreciate you find a solution for this, because i paid for this order in 18th January, and, acording to Aliexpress, the deadline for the delivery is running out. I have already other packages in the way to arrive Portugal, and paid for it at a few weeks ago, so i guess you should understand it International relations between Portugal and China are good. Best Regards.
Hi, Daisy
Can you answer me, please?

Where is may package? I´ve already contact eh seller, why other packages of other clientes arrived to my country and my order still not?
Hi Alexandre Ribeiro,

It's still stuck at Beijing International Mail Processing Center now. If you couldn't wait, I suggest you open a dispute on AliExpres if you couldn't receive it in time.
Hi, thanks for the answer, but, how much long do i have to wait? I´m wainting for a long time and i´m seeing other aliexpress clients that bought after me, recieving their packages.

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