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Why is parcel Returned to sender?


Hi it is about tracking number LX221132254CN. What is the reason for last update "Returned to sender 2020.08.08" Why is this happen? Kindly regards Torhild

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Hi Torhild J.,

It was returned back to the seller and the seller has got it on August 8. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution (refund you or send it again to you) as soon as possible.

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When I track my parcel it says that it was returned to the sender but the sender keeps telling me that they didn't receive it yet. Is my parcel lost or is the sender lying to me?
Tracking number: EV015191394CN


UW653021468CN. Please help me with why my parcel keeps on being returned once it enters Shanghai. Why can’t it pass the custom check? What should I do to stop this cycle? This is already the 6th time again. Sender is providing no help and telling me to wait but it has not even moved from China. I’ve already contacted sender but what I want is to figure out how to break this cycle of returns. Can anyone please provide a solution for me/sender to get my parcel moving??? Thank you very much.

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Last time you told me my parcel returned to the sender but still shows returned Beijing exchange place. Is it going to be any update if parcel returned to the sender? Because they told me to wait for my parcel it is on the transit.
Thank you

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