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2 packages only received one


Hello, I have 2 packages but only received one. They are on the same ship. is it lost?received:Track # CP425054592CN. not received:CP425054589CN. Please help

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Hi julie,

CP425054589CN should be delayed due to some reason. I sugegst you wait for more days to see if you could receive it.

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All four of my packages have been sitting in one spot for about 2 months now. I have already recieved 2 packages from companies in your country. I am also aware of what is going on all around the world at this moment but like I mentioned before I have already received 2 other packages that were ordered after these and were sent off from the same place so I would like to know what exactly is going on with my packages because I should have received them all by now.

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I did send two packages from China to Sweden. I did send 4 packages in total and 2 have been received. The 2 that has not been delivered are:
CP405187970CN and CP405188649CN.
For some reason has the digital adress not been written correct and I have therefore not received any notice about the packages.
Today did the Swedish postoffice inform me that the packages are sent back to China.
Please resend the packages to me with the correct digital adress.
Hope you will be able to help me

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