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Asked by Pavel Krupicka | 4/22/2020 11:30:05 PM

Dear Sir/Madam,

recently I received a parcel from the address "Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province Keijo God Bless Three-way 11 Apartment
1507 Smith Barney". Since in the package there was another item than ordered (probably fake), I opened a dispute with the supplier and was then asked to send the parcel back.

Is it possible to verify whether the address given above is a real address, or if it is just a fake address?

Pavel Krupicka

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Daisy 4/23/2020 3:24:06 AM

Hi Pavel Krupicka,

It's a fake address. Don't return to that address.

Pavel Krupicka 4/23/2020 3:40:33 AM

Hello Daisy,

thank you for the answer. I anticipated that so I asked them for another address (I explicitly asked to provide a real existing address). They gave me this one:

"jiaqin jiang, Building 2, Phase II, New Thinking Enterprise Park, Junhe Avenue, Baiyun District, Guangzhou 19124077936"

I expect this is also a fake address, could you verify that for me?

Pavel Krupicka

Daisy 4/23/2020 7:27:08 PM

Hi Pavel Krupicka,

It's a correct address. You need to ask the postal code from them as well.

Pavel Krupicka 4/29/2020 3:26:35 AM

Hello Daisy,

so if I put the address on the parcel in the format:

jiaqin jiang
Building 2, Phase II, New Thinking Enterprise Park, Junhe Avenue
Baiyun District, Guangzhou 19124077936

It should be correct?

Pavel Krupicka

Kim 7/14/2020 9:45:17 AM

Hi Pavel and Daisy,
I find myself in a similar situation, I ordered a suitcase and got a ring instead. I’ve e-mailed a reply to my orderconfirmation but no response so I wanted to contact the shipping company but I have no e-mail for them so I googled the adres and came across your conversation. Does either one of you happen to know how I can contact them? And did you get what you ordered Pavel?
Thanks already

Daisy 7/15/2020 6:47:58 AM

Hi Kim,

Sorry, we couldn't know their email as well. You can call them if you know their phone number.

Barbara 7/17/2020 10:26:59 AM

I ordered three pairs of shoes but I got a ring. The address is false and the email do not respond. For now, I have blocked the card. And I requested to cancel the payment. Hopefully it can.

Vippenhihi 7/22/2020 11:34:43 AM

Aha ok so this was a scam i guess?
I ordered two shorts for around 70euro and after 2-3weeks i got a chilrends ring....
I hope this is some kind of fault on their end. But now i sent in a reply to the email that confirmed my buy.

Oscar 7/22/2020 1:23:13 PM

we receive glasses instead of jackets from the same address.

Elena 7/23/2020 11:30:25 AM

I have received a parcel with a ring insider which i have never ordered from the address:
Nanhai district foshan city
Guangdong province keijo god bless
Three way 11 apartment 1507 Smith barney
I don t know this address but they put my correct address and mobile number. How is possible?? Who are them????

alpheios 7/27/2020 10:06:08 AM

Similarly today I received a parcel with a necklace insider which i have never ordered from the address:
Nanhai district foshan city
Guangdong province keijo god bless
Three way 11 apartment 1507 Smith barney
Also my correct address and mobile number is not he parcel . What does this mean. i recently ordered a pair of Merrel shoes. I hope this is not a fraud scheme.

Oggadi said 8/6/2020 2:24:34 AM

I ordered 3 pairs of camper shoes cost around € 62. I have received a pair of socks I have attached the package received. am I still waiting for your reply?

zuzka 8/7/2020 1:19:48 AM

I ordered lego and they got a veil over my mouth.
What should I do if I want my money back

Daisy 8/7/2020 7:36:34 PM

Hi zuzka,

Try to contact the back or visa company to ask for charge back.

Mada 8/11/2020 4:51:50 AM

We found in the same situation I ordered almost 100 euros in Havaianas flip flops and after almost 3 months I received a pair of sunglasses I tried to contact the company but nothing was answered.

Evan 8/11/2020 1:16:52 PM

I, too have been duped by this conman. I order a pair of Camper shoes for NZ$115 and received a pair of socks. Address on the delivery package was also "Nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong, province keija god bless three-way 11 apartment 1507 Smith barney. However I have received an email from Emily Carrie that states they had sent the shoes three days ago. Who knows? Might try and cancel the payment.

lemongelb 8/13/2020 10:50:55 AM

me also these are crooks I ordered a desigual tank top I received a bracelet, I fight by mail with service12 since 15 days but I will not let go it offers me a refund of 50% or return the item , gold question

Fanglash13 8/18/2020 4:35:24 AM

I too have been duped! Ordered a $220 bike and received a fake ring from Nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong, province keija god bless three-way 11 apartment 1507 Smith barney. Emails go unanswered but finally today was offered a 30% refund... you've got to be joking! SCAM SCAM SCAM

Sara 8/25/2020 8:18:57 AM

I have ordered a pair of new balance shoes - and from the same address as all of the above, I have received a fake "cartier" ring
- what should we do???

Daisy 8/27/2020 1:10:40 AM

Hi Sara,

Try to contact your bank or visa company to ask for a charge back.

Sandra 9/1/2020 7:14:18 PM

China is this a Real address

Roberto López 9/24/2020 12:42:42 AM

They are professional scammers.
I ordered technical mountain shoes and also got a ring from that address.
I have more than 20 emails with the provider but they have a protocol to waste time as well as your money. I checked with my bank but there is no way to get the money back. Sorry folks, we've been scammed.

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