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Change of delivery address


My order has already been shipped. Is it possible to change its delivery address now? Or is it too late?

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Hi Ezinne,

The shipping address couldn't be changed after it's shipped. You can track it and when it's in your country, you can contact the courier in your country to change it for you.

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Hi there! I just had a package ship out but need to change the delivery address. Is this possible? Item shipped 3/17 isn’t supposed to be delivered until 4/7-4/28. Hopefully that’s plenty of time to intercept it.

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I ordered off Amazon and received shipping number: LT472908927CN. In a previously answered question you said the delivery was attempted but not made because the address was Suwanee, Ga 30024. The address on Amazon clearly come out as Duluth, Ga 30097. I cannot ask USPS to change it because no USPS is not responsible for tracking this order. If you could, change my address to Duluth, Ga 30097 and have it delivered before 12/29. Thank you.

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LZ570625470CN - I need to change the address as forwarding compan no longer exists. Delivery was attempted. Can you tell me what the local courier company is that has the parcel so I can contact them

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