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Changing address


Hi please could you make a small correction on the following packages from "Eastern Cape" to "WESTERN CAPE"

Thank you

You may get the answer from the following articles:

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Are you the sender for these two packages?

If you are, please call 11185 in China to contact China Post to change it.

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Since my items are still at China Post . I like to change the address to Blk 468D , #09-227 , Admiralty Drive , Spore 754468 . Thx
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Hello there,
I have changed my shipping address.My order is being shipping by your company (China Post). So, could you please update my shipping address in your list ?

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Hi. Please can you help me? I posted a parcel to China with the following tracking number: RU834277126GB.

China Post have attempted to deliver it several times but I think the address is wrong (the recipient gave me the wrong details).

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The correct address is:
Contact Name:Zhang Jinghuai
Company Name:SuZhou Mengsha Trade co., LTD.
Street :12 Floor NO.6 Building Haobainian wedding square
No.1599 Suzhan Road ,Pingjiang Qu
Province:Jiang Su
Zip Code:215000

Please can you look into this? Many thanks.

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