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Customs fee package release issue


Yes I have waited. How do I talk to someone?
Because they are telling the person I’m sending to in China. The seller who I’m retiring goods to. That he has to pay 671rmb tax for the items which have no value because I am returning them to the seller.

The item only cost me 321rmb originally. So why is he having to pay a customs fee of 671rmb? Twice the value of what I paid?

How do I get this resolved do the seller gets their item back and I am able to get my refund from the seller

Please someone help or tel me who to talk to to get this resolved and what I need to tel them so it can get

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Hi Drprez,

In this case if the seller doesn't pay to the customs, it couldn't be released. You can only let the seller require the customs to return it back to you now.
Why. Does the seller have to pay a customs
S fee for an item I am returning to them? How do I pay this fee?

Why does the seller have to pay there is an exemption for returned goods

The rule says
For goods that were exported from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020, the exporters will not be required to pay import duties, import value-added tax (“Import VAT”), and consumption tax on goods that are returned to China within one year of export (“Qualified Returned Goods”).
Hi Drprez,

Not sure. You need to let the seller provide you the proof. I just thought they may cheat you.
What are you talking about you’re not even answering my questions I know the seller so there’s no problem I’m not worried about being cheated I’m trying to get a package back to them and it is stuck in customs how do I pay the fee or why are we being charged a fee for returning an item who do I have to talk to you to fix the situation that is what I’m asking

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