Dear Sirs, 9 packages from Shanghai to Israel, all of them are lost.

Asked by Dori MANOR | 9/17/2016 7:23:34 PM

In the internet tracking page they all show they have already reached Hong Kong on the beginning of July.
Since then we lost trace of them.
CP309543824CN 1
CP309543838CN 2
CP289692725CN 3
CP289692711CN 4
CP309543855CN 5
CP243863560CN 6
CP309543841CN 7
CP243863556CN 8
CP243863539CN 9

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Flora 9/18/2016 2:53:41 AM

Except the one sent to USA (CP309543841CN) was delivered successfully on July 6th, others all seem to be lost on the way.

If you are the sender and in China, you'd better contact China Post by calling 11185 as soon as possible for compensation.

Dori Manor 9/18/2016 7:53:40 PM

Dear Flora,
I cannot believe this is real that I sent 8 package with China Post from Shanghai to Israel and all of them are lost. (!!!???) This is impossible. There are lots of personal things there and we must find them.
I stay in the USA now, is there a number or Email I can call from the USA to talk about this?
My USA phone number is +1 609 592 8457

Flora 9/19/2016 5:22:53 AM

China Post doesn't offer email service. You can call +86 10 11185 if you are outside China. For English service, please press 8 after the call is got through.

airwalker 10/13/2016 11:03:50 AM


Export customs cleared

airwalker 10/13/2016 11:10:00 AM

Export customs cleared

My package is stuck on Export customs cleared
Since September 1st

Plz help.

Sophia 10/13/2016 9:13:40 PM

Hi airwalker,

It's not stuck on Export customs cleared. The status shows it has left China on September 1st and still in transit to USA now.

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