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Asked by Christine | 11/25/2019 6:39:45 PM

I would like to know where is my parcel now and how long it’s going to take for it to arrive at the destination country (GREECE)
Thank you!

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Daisy 11/25/2019 6:54:28 PM

Hi Christine,

It has already left China and is en route to Greece now. It usually takes about 20-40 days to be delivered.

2019-11-17 02:53
Guangzhou, Guangzhou International has been exported directly sealed

2019-11-17 00:01
Guangzhou, arriving at Guangzhou International (via transfer)

2019-11-17 00:00
Foshan City, leaving the South China Sea Mail Processing Center, the next stop , Guangzhou International

2019-11-16 22:11
Foshan City, arriving at the South China Sea Mail Processing Center

2019-11-16 22:09
Foshan City, leaving the "Foshan City, South China Sea Dale International Business Department", the next stop , "South China Sea Mail Processing Center"

2019-11-16 20:11
Foshan City, Foshan City, South China Sea Dale International Business Department has received

Oláh János 12/23/2019 8:40:41 AM

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Claudia 5/20/2020 3:46:34 AM

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I miss my package tracking No. LZ025626303CN. This package is still in china. It says it was given to the air transit in Guangzhou at the 23th april. But there is no trace after that. Where is my package now?

Kind regards

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