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Details about my order?


Would I like more information about my order with RX627291630CH tracking code. I'm waiting for your return.

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Hi Handson,

I found your package is sent by Swiss Post and will be got and delivered by Bermuda Post.

I try to help you check in Swiss Post official site, but it shows:
Unfortunately your search was unsuccessful. The causes of this could be:
- Consignment has not yet been handed over to Swiss Post or scanned.
- Typing error in the number
- Incorrect format for consignment number

If you are sure the tracking code is correct, you'd better wait two days and check again. They may need some tine to scan and upload the tracking information in the system.
This is the first time I buy from China I've checked my package and it seems stuck in the Beijing XI Center. Can I get more information about LE593093522CN ?

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