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I received the wrong order


I received a ring I didn’t order with the tracking number that was supposed to be for a website called the oodie outlet and it cost $164 Australian dollars! It’s obviously a brushing scam how can I stop this

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Hi Alannah,

There is no good way to stop it. You can refuse to receive it the next time.

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Good afternoon, I come to make a complaint of a wrong order I received, I paid for two geox sandals of child and received some oculos ray ban.
order number is: RV438874698CN
from your order number: 44060101144000
I need you to help me resolve this situation

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Dear Sir or Madam,

I received the wrong package from you today. I have not received my shipment with the number LE132367482CN to date, instead I received a goods value that was significantly below my order total today. LE136854352CN. I did not order this.
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I got wrong order. I order for Automatic Embroidery Machine, to my amazement I got 2 pieces of face mask instead after two months.
This are the details of my transaction..
Tracking number is UU240138303CN
[Order #H82L30D936] (August 22, 2021

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