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Item is being held in Customs.


I have a package was shipped from the US to China. According to the tracking history, my package has been held by the customs in SUZHOU, China for over a week now since 2/5/2023. What should I do here and how long would it take to be released by the customs in Suzhou, China.

The tracking number: CH180703065US


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My package CY052473292US is currently held in Customs. Can you please let me know how to pay the tax so the item can be release?


04 Feb 2021
Held in Customs. Your item is being held in Customs at 10:54 am on February 4, 2021 in WUHAN, CHINA.
04 Feb 2021
Wuhan, Hubei
03 Feb 2021

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I am attempting to return item that was not what I purchased so I can be refunded appropriately. This item has been held in customs since March 18, 2022. Tracking number is LH164760302US.
What needs to be done to get this processed thru?
A timely response will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you

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Hi, I have posted a return with royalmail, tracking is RY273729484GB. the item is being assessed by the China customs authority for about 2 weeks now. how long are parcel usually held by customs? if there are problems, as duties to be paid, and the seller doesn't take any action, will the parcel be returned to UK? If the item is sent back to UK, am I supposed to pay VAT and duties to receive it back? thanks

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