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Item stuck in Guangzhou customs



I sent a parcel and it's been in customs since 22 June - can you please find out where the parcel is and why it is not being sent to the recipient? It is only 2 dresses.

Tracking number RF610092949GB



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“Guangzhou, import customs remains to be verified. 2020-06-15 13:42”

A returned item from USA back to China has been stuck in Guangzhou customs for over a month. Is it lost? Needs to be picked up by the seller ?

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Royal Mail ref RY086841288GB. Been stuck at Guangzhou customs since 22.11.19. These are a return item because they are faulty. What is happening with my parcel??

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Greetings. CH189275196US. Item is an AliExpress return--seller misrepresented the type of unit and it was agreed that I could return it at no cost. My parcel has been stuck at customs in Guangzhou for over two weeks. I was left a voice mail in Chinese, which I cannot speak. An online tracker states my item is stuck in customs awaiting tax payment. Is this something I am expected to pay? Is there an English language contact for me to resolve this with? Thank you very much.

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