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Mail delivery to Canada


Two weeks ago I tried to send my letters to Canada at central China Post Office in Xi'an. I was refused with the explanation that because of Canada Post workers strike, China Post doesn't accept letters destined to Canadian Adresses.

My question is, because the strike is over, will my letters to Canada will be accepted now at China Post?

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Hi Milenko Grgar,

Yes, China Post couldn't deliver packages or letters to Canada before Dec.3. because of Canada Post workers strike. The service recovers now. You can go to the post office to send.
I bought a product from Aliexpress and it has been arrived in Canada few days ago under the tracking number, UJ787660516CN. I could track until it arrived at Vancouver airport and after that it doesn’t move anymore. I just wonder it is moving different tracking number or different courier. If it is, can I get the new tracking numbet?
Hi Dong In Kim,

China Post doesn't provide tracking information after it's in Canada. You can only wait for it now. If it couldn't be delivered in time, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.

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