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Mailing address for NHU Shendong Pharmaceuticals


Need to contact wastewater treatmant supervisor

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I'm not sure the place you mentioned.

Do you mean Anhui NHU Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd?

In 2010, the name was NHU Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, and was located in Xinhecheng, Shandong, P.R. China. Shandong NHU Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Zhejiang NHU Co. Ltd. but the facility that I need to contact is still the one located in Xinhecheng, Shandong,

I hope you can help.

Earl Gehringer
Mailing address is:

Bohai Street, Yangzi Town, Hanting District, Weifang City, Shandong Province, P.R.C.

Postal Code: 261108
Thank you so very much for your helpful information.

Earl Gehringer

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