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Please provide correct mailing address


Seller has refused to refund money, offered minimal refunds to keep, says need to return to China for full refund. Provided this address which I have tried to Google but not finding. Please let me know what correct address to put on mailing label is. Thank you.

#16 shuangshi village, Dongshi Town, Pingyuan City, Guangdong Province , China 514600

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I have the same problem!
I have the same problem with the same address.
Exactly the same problem!
Hi Paula Glaser,

The correct address should be:

#16 shuangshi village, Dongshi Town, Pingyuan county, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, China 514631

The receiver's phone number also need to be filled. Or, it couldn't' be delivered.
Paula Glaser

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