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My order got return and return


Hello I order from Wish its been 1 month Still I didn't get my order its retrun and return
My Tracking number is RQ793557416CN
2020-12-0113:59:39Package ReceivedShanghaiCity
17:35:48Depature from Local Sorting CenterShanghaiCity
18:15:57Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterShanghaiCity
2020-12-0202:33:52Dispatched from Office of ExchangeShanghaiCity
02:33:53Dispatched from Office of ExchangeShanghaiCity
2020-12-0312:33:03Departure from Regional Sorting CenterShanghaiCity
15:43:50Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
2020-12-0403:45:15Departure from Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
12:41:31Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitBeijingCity
12:43:01Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitBeijingCity
18:22:50Dispatched from Office of ExchangeShanghaiCity
18:23:09Dispatched from Office of ExchangeShanghaiCity
2020-12-0806:44:50Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterShanghaiCity
2020-12-0905:53:47Departure from Regional Sorting CenterShanghaiCity
09:01:30Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
13:54:16Departure from Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
2020-12-1011:56:03Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitBeijingCity
11:59:49Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitBeijingCity
18:34:44Dispatched from Office of ExchangeShanghaiCity
2020-12-1521:25:56Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterShanghaiCity
2020-12-1606:10:56Departure from Regional Sorting CenterShanghaiCity
09:20:40Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
14:20:24Departure from Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
2020-12-1712:54:59Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitBeijingCity
12:57:51Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitBeijingCity
18:28:42Dispatched from Office of ExchangeShanghaiCity
2020-12-2104:48:13Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterShanghaiCity
06:08:15Departure from Regional Sorting CenterShanghaiCity
08:58:05Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
13:35:33Departure from Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
2020-12-2313:41:10Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitBeijingCity
13:42:28Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitBeijingCity
2020-12-2410:55:18Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitBeijingCity
18:48:10Dispatched from Office of ExchangeShanghaiCity
2020-12-2705:38:53Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterShanghaiCity
2020-12-2815:40:22Departure from Regional Sorting CenterShanghaiCity
18:13:29Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
2020-12-2900:32:46Departure from Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
10:54:38Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitBeijingCity
10:56:06Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitBeijingCity
19:52:54Dispatched from Office of ExchangeShanghaiCity
2021-01-0406:04:47Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterShanghaiCity
13:02:01Departure from Regional Sorting CenterShanghaiCity

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1 Answer(s)

Hi lalit,

Packages sent to India are delayed due to the coronavirus and the clash between the two countries. It didn't pass the check and was returned back for many times. You need to track it in the following days to see if it's normal. If it's returned back again or you couldn't receive it in time, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and give you a solution.

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