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my parcels seem to be stuck


my parcels didn't move since a week, i just want to be sure that theyre not stuck somewhere and that everything is fine.
could you please help me out?

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What is currently going on with your post? I have several parcels stuck at Shenzen / Guangzhou. My registered parcels have been stuck for 2 months. I also have some Ordinary mail parcels that have also not arrived, but their last tracking shows going through Shenzen.
Other parcels that went through different region, have already arrived, despite ordering much later.
Talking to others, they also have same issue with parcels who went to Guangzhou and not arriving.
Thank you.

Parcels stuck in US (1 reply)

Hi, I have two parcels: one LW007021875CN that shows New York - linehaul arrival since 07/21/2021,never seen this message, can you please tell me what it means and possible reasons why it stuck in there??? And the other UT572082215TH says arrive at sorting center on the 26th and it is also stuck, I've been receiving parcels quickly after they arrive in the US but these ones not, is that normal??? Thanks

My parcels have not moved for two weeks. (2 replies)

This is my second experience with Chinapost because the Royal Mail keeps sending parcels through you guys, and both times, I have had this same problem.
My parcels have been stuck in Tianjin for 2 whole weeks.
The parcels are from the UK and the destination country is South Korea
I don't know what to do.
Please help me.
My tracking numbers are:

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