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My parcels stuck at GUANGZHOU import customs


My tracking number is CP002655641KH, and currently stuck at GUANGZHOU import customs around 7-8 days without contacting to recipient address.
What should I do?

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RP892603721CN is stuck in [Shenzhen] Import customs
pls can you inform me what happen?
Hi miss rose,

Don't wait for it, it didn't pass the security check and is on the way back to the seller now. You need to contact the seller or open a dispute on AliExpress as soon as possible to get refund.

hey, my package is in Changsha City, Import Customs Release for 4 days I wonder if it will go out of there or not my parcel code is RE033466400CN.
My package CP404576854cn has been in transit for 26 days and hasn't moved since march 8th, I'd like to know the status of my package and estimate delivery time?
Hi , i have some items stuck in Nansha customs , i have the receipt and all paper work from customs , how can i pick it up ? please help.
i have send my package from Oslo to Guangzhou 25.02.2020. and when i track the paccage i get a message witch say the paccage is still under import treatment, so what should i do???
my tracking number is: CD737973525NO. It has gone very long time

I would like to get an update on my parcel which is stuck at Guangzhou Customs since begin of March. CY526241064DE Can you please offer details to this shipment and why it is in hold there? Thanks in advance
I'm parcel been in Guangzhou customs since 12april, pay pal refusing to refund me because of this contacted seller but no reply , am I wasting my time ,and cut my loses,pay pal no help at all,thanks,pat.
Hello my tracking number is RN460260600GB and my parcel is stuck in Guangzhou from 12 June 2020, business LOTIMEN, I still waiting for a refund, post from the UK to Chine! Can you do something!!!
Hi Lens,

It didn't pass the customs check and is on the way back to UK now.

hi my parcel is stuck in custom for clearance in ShenZhen since 6 August 2020. Tracking number is EJ259134793AU. Could you kindly advise thanks.
Hi! My package CH103120420US has been stuck since August 4.
“Nanchang City, import customs retained for inspection.
2020-08-04 09:10”
What does this mean? It didn’t pass inspection? HELP!
I have a package with the USPS tracking number of CJ452223534US. It says that the package is held in customs in Guangzhou. When is the package going to be released?
Hi Philip,

It takes about 3-10 days to be released in normal if the receive doesn't receive any notice about how to get it.

My Package is in costums in CHINA, SHENZHEN, Item presented to import Customs, where can contact them to give the info they need to clear the package to arrived to my P.O BOX?
My seller is from Japan, they couldnt help me. Because I need to contact them and I dont know how. I cant call them.

How many time can be in costums before they returned to the seller? Is in the same status for about 20 bussines days.

Hello. Please can you help? A Parcel was returned to China on 3.11.20 from UK. Parcel tracking number RN625638492GB. Please see below indicating that this package was received at GUANGZHOU on 12th November and appears to have not been released from customs. The seller is awaiting the return of the parcel, Please can you provide an update as to what is happening?
Thank you. Ashley
My package I am returning from the USA to Guangzhou is stuck in customs and the recipient cannot retrieve it. It is wrong product that i am shipping back to original seller. Tracking is LH119548454US
Hello! My EMS package EE044065495RU
is held at the customs in Guangzhou City (import customs retained for inspection). The recipient has contacted the customs but they haven't provided any information about how to get the package. What can be done for this package to be released?
On tracking details it said Import Customs Clearance while in Guangzhou GuangDong why does it say import customs when it is been exported from China to Ireland?
Hi Josh,

It may be returned back to the seller. Please provide the tracking number in order to check it for you.
Tracking number: EB744220070CN
I have same question as Josh. On tracking details it said Import Customs Release while in Guangzhou GuangDong why does it say import customs when it is been exported from China to Canada?
My package sent from Israel to China and it is stucked.
Thats the last update in the tracking information

Guangzhou City, import customs remain to be verified

广州市, 进口海关留存待验 On June 7, 2021
My package RR091388769RU has been stuck at GUANGZHOU customs. I got no massage, no information. When can I get the package?
What can I do to get the recipent to follow up with my package that I returned for a refund tha I requested, now its sitting at Customs in Guangzhou China Customs since July 10th 2021 tracking # LH144803715US ....They (Nora Cora clothes) said they are not responsible when items go to customs, however I did everything they advised me to do as well as provided me with the return address to ship back to them and now I am stuck....
My item has been frozen in Guangzhou China customs . What will happen now tracking number RN808514290GB . Thanks x
My tracking number is RF235580527ES, 2021-08-17 stuck at GUANGZHOU import customs. It is a returned from Aliexpress. What should I do?
My tracking number is ch141947635us and the status has been "being processed by customs" in Guangzhou since 8/28. Is there any issue with my package? How do I contact customs?
My tracking number is ch141947635us and the status has been "being processed by customs" in Guangzhou since 8/28. Is there any issue with my package? How do I contact customs?
My parcel has been in customs since 30/08. Is there a reason why its being held for so long?
My return order for some dresses RN714499205GB has been pending in Guangzhou since 24th June 2021. Please could you check this for me?

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