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My parcels stuck at GUANGZHOU import customs


My tracking number is CP002655641KH, and currently stuck at GUANGZHOU import customs around 7-8 days without contacting to recipient address.
What should I do?

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Hello did you ever get refunded for your return ?
My package has been stuck in customs since August 29th. I have tried contacting both USPS and StyleWe regarding refund and no one is able to assist in this matter.
How do I get my package to be sent to StyleWe so that I can receive a refund?
Tracking Information: LH147829376US
Thank you very much
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Please I need your help. Here is my tracking number 104735414744. The goods with this tracking number got to its destination. However, some of the items were removed by custom at Guangzhou. Please how do I get the items back? How do I know if customs have sent the items back to my shipper(agent)
My tracking number is CP071575484IT, currently stuck at GUANGZHOU import customs around 2 months without contacting to recipient address. What should I do?
RR878765887SE tracking number
I see the shipment item is being customs cleared by us. this statement from Feb3 I don't know what to do next.
Please guide me and Thanks in Advance
hello my parcel from the US to XY cargo has been stuck at customs from the 14th of February. Please help me find out when it will be released to the XY Cargo Warehouse CH155253979US
Hi Daisy, I returned some clothing from the UK to Joymitty, and it has been at Guangzhou Customs since Wednesday 06 July! This was confirmed again on Sunday 07 August. Tracking number is RN421849969GB. This is very bad service. What can I do please? Thank you.
My package has been at Guangzhou customs clearence for almost a month now, what should I do? The tracking number is RY278847562GB

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