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In octobre 2015 I was on holiday in China and send a package to Spain is the country where I live. In January 2016 the package arrived in Spain but was retained in customs. We were asked what documentation contained the package and bring them to Spain all the necessary customs papers. After a month of waiting, we call on the phone and informed us that we would have to receive an email. We waited two months and after not receiving any mail, we call back to Spain and customs have told us they have returned the package to China. Clearly there has been a mistake and our package is far from us after paying a lot of money to send him to Spain.
Now it is in ChinaPost Chengdu, I think the office is Chengdu City Post Office
Jinjiang District, Chengdu City Summer socks, North 25th Street

We have photos at the moment of the send in ChinaPost office.

Can You help us? What is the best way for recover the package?

We hope your answer.
Thank you.

Kind Regards!

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The tracking system shows on 2016-01-27 14:39, they tried to deliver the package but failed.

It shows your package arrived at the Qinglong Street Post Office, Chengdu (成都青龙街投递站) on 2016-02-26 11:00:00 and there is no more information after that. I think it's there.

Do you have any Chinese friend in Chengdu or in China? If you have, you are suggested to let them help to call 11185 to contact China Post and help you deliver to you again. You can also dial the number +86 10 11185, they have the English service (I remember you should press eight after getting through), but I'm afriad they couldn't understand you in most cases.

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